Sunday, 19 June 2016

What is the difference between digital marketing and inbound marketing?

In this era of digital connect, and the rapidly changing business environment, it is imperative that business keep pace with the digital transformation. The challenges for business is numerous, which includes the rapidly changing customer preferences, technology evolutions, business models, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, customer service to name a few.

With more than half of the world population using internet, it is very critical for marketers also understand this trend and use this as an effective way to connect with their customers. While traditional marketing is very critical, at the same time organisations need to make sure that the marketing investments need to be made in the digital front too. With marketing in internet  is still evolving, one of the key aspects which is deeply discussed and often confusing is topic around inbound and digital marketing, marketers would always want to understand which one I should choose for their business.

Even though I haven't seen neither a clear definition nor any recommendation, but the way I see Inbound Marketing is about building a strategy which includes creating a learning experience for your customers which is very dynamic and experiential all through the buying cycle for your prospective customers. This is more of a methodology to nurture the leads the marketers are getting and providing context sensitive information to enable the decision making for the prospective customers.

Digital marketing on the other hand is more of tactical implementation approach which typically include techniques like email marketing, internet advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, location based marketing. Based on the need and focus of the business any of these techniques. If the organisation focus is towards brand building you could look at social media marketing and/or content marketing. If you want some targeted lead generation you could look at email marketing and/or location based marketing.

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